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Home is where the heart is and this exclusive estate of townhouses and villas within walking distance to the ski lifts makes it easy for you to have a magical family vacation through its thoughtful design. That is how our previous guests have described their Koa stay experience. How does design play into creating a family space? First, the interior is designed for luxurious comfort, which means quality craftsmanship in everything you see and feel. Second, the open living space layout facilitates the type of closeness that you see in commercials.

There are also 2, 3, and 4 bedroom options to accommodate different family types, providing each with ample options for both social and socially distant times. Finally, the quality of construction gives you confidence that this house is going to last until you grow old, just like the bonds that you will have (re-)established with your loved ones. You can take a timeout from the craziness in the world and just be... together. Because together, you are stronger, and the time you spent together will give everyone memories that last a life time.

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