Yorokobi Lodge

Idyllic retreat with golf course views

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Yorokobi Lodge

Into cool architecture that has efficient space design? Yorokobi Lodge meets both of those criteria and it's a few minutes drive to the lifts. Set in the quiet, treed area of St. Moritz with golf course views, Yorokobi Lodge offers comfort and quiet, and you're obviously not going to hear 'Fore!' in the middle of the winter. One of our best valued properties, this hidden gem's name, yorokobi, means delight, joy, and congratulations in Japanese. The former two meanings are what you'll feel during your stay; the latter meaning is what we say to you for picking this wonderful home.

Located:St. Moritz - Niseko
For:Friends, families
Special feature:spacious, open living space
Type:Standalone house

#luxury #spacious #woods

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