Foxwood Estate

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Foxwood Estate

Strikingly Modern. Distinctively Japanese. Designed for Families.

The kitsune, or fox. A common silhouette slinking into town when it needs to, then just as easily disappearing back into the rustic woods of Niseko when it decides it’s had enough. As development continues to pile into Hirafu, we recognised the growing demand for tranquility but with the ease of modern comforts. Drawing inspiration from the free-spirited fox, Foxwood Houses takes a bold step in that direction. Designed to fit-in stylistically to the surrounding woods, the premium land and housing mix delivers free-standing contemporary 3 and 4 bedroom houses as well as innovative 6 bedroom 2-key options.

SAAD, the virtuoso with masterpieces like Cloud 9 and L House in his portfolio, is the architectural brain of the project. The LA-trained Hokkaido native whipped up a bold, family-friendly design that features iconic angled roofs and textured walls set to blend into the surrounding nature regardless of season. SAAD describes his architecture as being “simple in concept like traditional Hokkaido-style homes with a raised living area and an exterior design that will adapt to the snow conditions of Niseko.” 113 years of building expertise and project management experience brought the vision to life with H2 Group Resort Properties and Sudo Constructions collaborating once again.

Higashiyama, usually recognised as the general area Niseko Village is located, prides itself on being the premier all-seasons destination of Niseko. Located 10 minutes outside Hirafu, or 5 minutes easy access to the Niseko Village for skiing or golf depending on season, it is no surprise that Higashiyama continues to grow in popularity. This is becoming especially evident in summer, where it is the hotspot for both international and Japanese tourists. In Higashiyama, the Foxwood Houses are ideally located in the wooded area next to Milk Kobo and opposite Niseko Fromage, the 2 top tourist destinations in all of Niseko for summer. Choose to stay hidden in the woods for quality time with the family, or venture out and blend into the bustling activities. With the location of Foxwood, you can do both.

All Foxwood houses are turnkey and feature:

  • Underground Power
  • Landscaping
  • Stunning unobstructed views of magnificent Mount Yotei
  • Covered parking
  • Family-focused common park facilities and walking trails through all yards

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